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This data set contains asset ratings for the City's Roads, Bridges, and Street Lighting systems. This data is Citywide, and not granular to a specific piece of infrastructure. This is the same information that is reported to the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB).
Public Works has established a program to evaluate the condition of all pavements. The name of the program is the Street Distress Rating System (SDRS). This program rates all segments of pavement over a three year period. The program measures actual physical defects in the pavement system which can be observed and quantified through visual inspection of the roadway surface. Broad categories include cracking, patching, depression, and surface wear. The system calculates the Pavement Condition Index representing a value ranging from "0" to "100". The department's intent is to achieve and retain a system-wide average value of not less than "60". The value below 80 represents a system that needs repairs, and improvements. A rating of "90" to "100" would show an excellent condition, "80" to "89" good condition, "70" to "79" fair condition, and below "70", poor condition.
The condition of bridges is measured using the Federal Highway Administration Rating System. The Federal system uses a measurement scale that is based on a condition index ranging from zero for a failed bridge to 100 for a bridge in perfect condition. The condition index is used to classify bridges and culverts in good or better condition (65 and 75 on up, respectively), fair condition (45 to 65) and substandard condition (less than 45). It is the City’s policy to maintain, on average, at least 75 percent of its bridge system at a good or better condition level. No more than 10 percent should be in the substandard condition. Condition assessments are determined every other year. All bridges are rated at least once every two years.
The condition of street lighting is measured using a system designed by the City. The system uses a measurement scale that is based on an assigned condition index to a streetlight of zero for failing or 100 for passing each measured factor and measures 16 different factors. The condition index is used to classify street lighting in better condition ( 90 and up), good condition ( 80 to 89) and substandard condition (less than 80). It is the City’s policy to maintain an overall average of at least 90 percent condition rating (better condition rating) for the entire street light system. No more than 10 percent of the entire street lighting system should be below the better condition rating. Condition assessments are determined every year. Street lights are selected for condition assessments systematically by private contractor hired to assess and immediately repair all street lights inspected. The plan is to have 100 percent of all street lights inspected, with corresponding repairs, every two years.

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