Complaints about Mask/PPE Usage in the Community

What are mask/PPE complaints?

Residents who see violations of the current Kansas City mask order or have other concerns about lack of protections against COVID-19 when visiting Kansas City Missouri businesses or institutions can contact 311 and provide the specific concern, the location, and the name of the business. The Health Department will follow up on these complaints to investigate and address compliance as needed.

How many mask/PPE complaints are being received?

The chart below shows the count of mask/PPE complaints to 311 on a daily basis over the last few months. To see more recent dates you can use your cursor to scroll to the right.

Where (generally) are mask/PPE complaints coming from? 

The heat map below shows where mask/PPE complaints are concentrated. If you zoom in and out of the map, you can see the heat map shift based on the geography that is shown on the screen.

Where (specifically) are mask/PPE complaints coming from?

The point map below shows specific locations (addresses) where mask/PPE complaints have been reported. Clicking on a point will bring up a pop-up window that includes a link that will provide you with more detailed information on this complaint, including the business name if available.

Points are color-coded based on the month that they were received (months are shown by their number in the legend). A white circle with a red border means that there were multiple complaints at that location - clicking on these points will bring up multiple blue points that you can click on.