About Open Data KC

What is Open Data KC?

Open Data KC is the City's program and portal (website) to publish city data. The City launched the Open Data KC portal in 2013 and then adopted an Open Data Policy in 2014 that states the City's intent to make public data open and freely available to all in a machine-readable, open format that can be downloaded and utilized by anyone (pursuant to the City's terms of use).

What types of data are available? How I can I find data?

The City publishes a wide range of data related to City services and assets. Some datasets are updated on a frequent basis (daily) while others are updated annually or on an ad-hoc basis. You can search the data by browsing categories such as "Neighborhoods" or "Transportation". You can also search by name or keyword for specific datasets. 
Along with row-level tabular data, the city also publishes spatial files (for instance, the City's parcel data) that can be used for mapping or analysis. The data portal also contains filtered views of data and visualizations such as charts and maps based on datasets, many of which were created by users. 

What can I do with data when I find it?

The data portal has many tools for creating filters, roll-ups, charts, or maps so you can hone in on the data insights that interest you the most. If you create a free account (it takes less than a minute) you can save what you create, come back and modify it, and share it with others. Or, you can export the data and work with it in Excel or your platform of choice.
Are you a developer? Check out Socrata's documentation on using its APIs.

What if I need help understanding or working with a dataset?

Information on datasets, including descriptions and metadata, can often be found on the dataset's Primer page. If this page isn't fully populated, or you have additional questions, click the "Contact Dataset Owner" button on the Primer page (under the "About tab" if you are looking at the dataset).
You can also always contact the team at DataKC that manages Open Data KC,  via email, phone, or Twitter.