Animal Services Cases


The City of Kansas City began working with KC Pet Project in December 2020 for animal services. KC Pet Project's Animal Services Division creates animal services cases in response to a resident contacting them with an animal control issue. More information about KC Pet Project's Animal Services Division can be found on their website.
  • This dataset is updated bi-weekly, and the visuals will update accordingly.
  • Kansas City Pet Project provides the data.
Number of Cases by Month
About KC Pet Project Animal Services Division

Where are cases reported?

The map below shows various locations of resident-reported animal services cases. When the mouse cursor is hovered over a location, a pop-out menu indicates how many cases were reported in that specific area. You can switch between different layers on the map to explore animal services cases by neighborhood census, council districts, and zip code. 

What's being reported?

Case Type by Council District

This chart indicates the types of cases within each council district. The legend expands to show the different case types. By hovering your cursor over the bars, the case type and amount reported will appear. If you would like to focus on a specific timeframe, you can use the interactive filter.

Case Type & Subtype

This chart explores the different subtypes of possible animal services case types reported. You can use the legend or hover your cursor over the bars to learn more. If you would like to focus on a specific timeframe, you can use the interactive filter.

How Are Cases Resolved?

The graph below shows the overall outcome for closed cases in Kansas City, MO. There are filters available to see outcomes by Council District and in other jurisdictions. You can hover over the different color sections on the graph to view number of cases, percentage, and type of outcome.

Case Status

The graph on the right indicates the status of cases at the time the data was updated. You can use the interactive filter to look at case status for cases opened in a particular timeframe.