KCMO Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Data, charts and map updated through 1/31/2023


Since February 2021, allocations of federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program dollars have been provided to households needing emergency assistance with rent or utility payments.
Total spending to date: $40,545,300
Percent of available funds expended from 1st allocation: 100%
Percent of available funds expended from 2nd allocation: 82%


Each month, 300+ households receive funding through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Some households have received support in more than one month.
Unique households receiving funding to date: 7,981
Average funding per household: $5,080

Households by Income

Most households receiving Emergency Rental Assistance funding are in the extremely low income group of less than 30% of Area Median Income, with smaller numbers being in the 30-50% of AMI or 50-80% of AMI income categories.

Average Months of Assistance

Households can be eligible for support covering several months of rent and/or utility payments. Most months, the average household has received support covering 6-7 months.

Emergency Rental Assistance Funding by ZIP Code

The map shows a count by ZIP code of the number of unique households receiving Emergency Rental Assistance Program funding from February 1, 2021 through January 31, 2023, as well as the amount of funding per ZIP code during that timeframe. Click on the arrows in the upper left-hand corner to switch between the households view (default) and the funding view.