Land Bank and Homesteading Authority

Over the past several years, as the housing market declined and the number of foreclosures increased, cities and counties throughout the nation began establishing land banks. Faced with a growing number of vacant and abandoned properties, local governments sought new ways to return those properties to productive use. The Land Bank of Kansas City, Missouri demonstrates its dedication to the betterment of our communities by providing opportunities for economic development and neighborhood revitalization.
The Kansas City Missouri Homesteading Authority (KCMHA), a nonprofit corporation controlled by the City of Kansas City, MO, strives to turn blighted properties into neighborhood assets by obtaining the properties and selling them at discounted prices to homeowners and investors who are committed to improving the community.

Property Class

Property class shows where the property came from and the current condition as either vacant or improved. For the most part, current properties are stemming from residential areas with commercial being the second largest class. The other classes: industrial and urban hold a much lower number of properties. 

Inventory Type

Inventory type represents the organization that owns the land that is currently being sold. The land bank of Kansas City currently has about 4 times the number of properties that KCHMA possesses (81% to 19%). The filter at the top right allows you to see the number of each class of property each organization has. 

Property Location

The map below shows the location of the various properties currently in the Land Bank and KCMHA system. It is sorted by whether a demolition is needed with blue representing 'yes' and grey representing 'no'. In location with multiple reports, the map shows a white dot with a blue border and clicking on these dots show the records for multiple properties. A pop up menu can be opened when clicking on the dot that displays the parcel number, property class, property status, inventory type, whether its been sold yet and the date, potential use, market value, square footage, property condition, and whether there is a structure and the square footage. The filter at the top right allows you view the map through a variety of lenses. 

Property Status

The chart shows the number of properties for each property status which signifies where along the process the property stands. About half of the properties remain in the acquired stage, meaning that either the Land Bank of KCMHA has possession over them. The second largest group is disposed at 41% which defines properties that have been sold.

Property Sale Date

The timeline below displays the number of properties sold during a given month. September 2016 saw the most sales with 121 properties sold during that month. The number of sales have remained more stable with a consistent number occurring every month since 2014. 

Property Sale Location

The map below shows the number of properties sold by either the Land Bank or KCMHA within each council district. A majority of the properties sold are located in either the 3rd or 5th district, while district 2 had the least with 0 properties sold.