Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund Applications 2021

Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund (NTDF) Program

The NTDF Program is a program authorized by Missouri state law that supports neighborhood-focused tourism activities for the benefit of both promoting Kansas City's unique neighborhoods as well as promoting the City as a destination. Each year, nonprofit organizations can apply for NTDF funds to support events and programs that meet state and local requirements. More information about the NTDF program can be found on the City's website.
The below information summarizes the applications received by the City of Kansas City, Missouri for the November 30, 2021 deadline. Funding allocations have not been determined and none of these applications have been approved for funds to date.

Organizations Applying and Funding Requested

There were 147 applications submitted by over 100 organizations for a total of over $3 million in NTDF funds requested. Most organizations submitted only one applications, but others submitted multiple applications related to recurring or distinct events. Most request amounts were less than $50,000. Almost half of all organizations applying were located in the Fourth Council District, with over a quarter in the Third Council District.

Events in Applications

Applications must select a primary function for the event from a list of six categories (they can also select secondary functions as well, which are contained in the dataset); almost half have "cultural" as their primary function. Start dates for the events in the applications spread across the next 18 months, with the largest concentration in late spring/early summer 2022.
Event locations are concentrated in the Fourth District, and particularly in the Downtown, Crossroads and Crown Center area, with a secondary concentration of events in the Third District.
To learn more about the anticipated events, click on the down arrow next to Council District to expand a list of the events planned for that District, including the event title, funding request, location, start date, and name and website of the organization planning the event.
Events anticipated in NTDF applications estimate thousands of audience members and visitors will be in attendance. Below is a table of events by neighborhood location and their estimated number of audience members and visitors to Kansas City. Click on the arrow next to the neighborhood location to expand the list to show the event titles.