311 Requests by Department

Select one or more Department Work Groups in the filter below and click "Apply" in order to limit all visuals to those work groups. All visuals are based on the 311 Request dataset.

311 Requests through MyKCMO

The KCMO 311 Call Center aims to provide a single point of contact for members of the community to report problems, request city services, ask questions, or receive follow-up information. Anyone can contact 311 via phone or online and the 311 Call Center will answer questions or route the question or request to the appropriate departmental staff. The 311 Call Center and DataKC also work to monitor 311 reports to understand what types of requests are being made and how they are being handled.
In March 2021, the KCMO 311 Call Center launched a new online system and app for tracking 311 requests, which is used to collect requests online and via phone. All requests except for animal control, bulky item pickup, and municipal court are being handled through this system.
Basic data on the requests coming through this system is displayed in charts and maps below (for access to the underlying raw data, click on "View Source Data" at the bottom of each visual). This data will be refined and improved in the months to come, and additional visuals will be added accordingly. For questions about this data or the visuals, contact: data@kcmo.org. To report an issue or ask a question through 311, visit the MyKCMO webpage or call 311 or (816)513-1313.
The 311 call center is open to receive calls between 7 AM and 7 PM, Monday through Friday. Online requests can be submitted 24-7, although follow-up from department staff will happen during business hours. For city service emergencies, the 311 call system will redirect callers to the City's emergency dispatch system that can notify staff on call. 

Calls for Service

Not every call results in a request being filed, however. Sometimes the calltaker can answer the caller's concerns directly, or they are simply searching for information. Alternatively, during times of peak call volume or low staffing, calls may be "abandoned" (the caller hangs up before reaching a calltaker). See below for the overall trends of calls and abandonment rate - note the learning curve when the system was first implemented!
Whether a community member calls 311 or uses the online form to enter their request, it will be categorized by a type and subtype. These categorizations ensure that the issues goes to the correct department staff to be addressed. The type and subtype may also generate a list of follow-up questions so that necessary information can be gathered to address the issue.
The 311 system is designed to collect requests and questions about city issues, but also to let the requester know if their issue is handled by a different organization such as the State of Missouri or KCPD. When someone selects one of these issues, they are provided with contact information or a link to request service from that organization, and these issues are not recorded in the City system.
Most requests received by 311 have a location associated with them (exceptions include general questions and issues impacting a broader area than one address). The location of issues are mapped below and color-coded based on status. There are currently a variety of statuses in the system that relate to which department the request is going to, but many of these are similar in nature. On the map, orange indicates open cases (statuses of new, open or case pending), green indicates cases that have have been assigned or marked as received by staff, and blue indicates resolved cases. In locations where there are multiple requests close together, the map shows these as white with a blue border. Clicking on this dot will show you the records for the multiple requests.
Pop-up windows will show you other information about the requests such as the date and and time it was entered, the issue type and subtype, and the date of resolution (if resolved). The search bar can be used to zoom to a specific address in the city to see if there are any cases nearby.